Yuki Nonomiya
Kanji Name 雪 野々宮
Age 15-16 (TNKitA)
19 (TNKitA II)
27 (TNkitA II: Epilogue)
Birthday December 15, 2016
Sign Sagittarius (♐)
Blood Type A+
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Height 5'3"/161.7cm (TNKitA)
5'4"/163.0cm (TNKitA 2)
Measurements Bust: 85cm/33.46"(E-cup)
Waist: 58cm/22.05"
Hips: 79cm/31.1"
Family Yoshiko Nonomiya-Sharafi (mother)†
Tariq Sharafi (father)
Yuina Nonomiya (aunt)
Keitaro Nonomiya (uncle)
Salim Al-Maghribī (husband)
Megumi Nonomiya (daughter)
Position Midfielder
Jersey Number 11 (MS)
16 (HS)
Hobbies Soccer
Loves Dancing
School Kamakura ES (fmr)
Kamakura MS (fmr)
Enoshima HS (TNKitA)
Status -TNKitA: High Schooler (1st yr), player for school team, part-time belly-dancer
-TNKitA II: Professional belly dancer
Hometown Kamakura, Kanagawa, Kantō, Japan

Yuki Nonomiya, born Aziza Sharafi (عزيزة شرفي), is Keiko Aizawa's best friend.



Yuki is a Japanese-Arab girl, though her brown eyes are the only physical evidence of her Arabic heritage. She has straight, black, shoulder-length hair.



When doing Beach Soccer with her team, she wears a yellow tube-top and bikini bottom patterned with white daisies.


Having known Keiko since kindergarten, Yuki is always the first person to comfort her best friend whenever the latter gets sad or upset. Even under counter-indication, Yuki's actions are always meant to help her best friend. Yuki considers Keiko as her "blood sister" because of an incident during their Elementary years in which Yuki's life was saved by Keiko's willingness to give blood for transfusion. Yuki knows a lot of things about Keiko that people can't even guess, even to the point of knowing when Keiko is lying or not. Being an only child, Yuki cares about Hiroki, Ryo and Koichi as the siblings she never had.

Yuki does have a bit of a big mouth and leaks news regarding Keiko from time to time while using the usual "They were going to find out anyway" excuse, but nothing that would ever betray Keiko's trust or confidence. Yuki is in love with Saito too, but put her feelings aside since a while ago knowing Saito only has eyes for Keiko and vice-versa.

Despite her insistence in trying to go through Keiko's secret personality, Yuki was very reluctant to disclose anything related to her own past for some time because of tragic events involving her biological parents, including her mother's suicide.

Since she was forced to live without her biological parents, Yuki grew herself a sense of independence as shown by her own initiative in searching for a part-time job despite just entering high school and for an apartment room of her own later on.


Yuki is an excellent soccer player, and was good enough to become captain during her third year of middle school. However, she eventually stopped playing when she found something she loved doing even more.

She is also a talented belly-dancer, and by 2036 had made a career of it.

Yuki can also speak Arabic fluently.



  • Tariq Sharafi (طارق شرفي): Yuki's father. He was a former Syrian Government official under Bashar Al-Assad's regime. Having fled his country during the Syrian Civil War, he arrived in Japan where he met and eventually married Yoshiko Nonomiya. Eight years prior to the story, Tariq was deported back to Syria after being found out by the authorities. Although he spent those years in a Syrian prison, he was never responsible for the war crimes he was accused of, and he genuinely regretted not having told Yoshiko about his past. Yuki is among the few people who believe in his innocence with hopes of reuniting with him again.
  • Yuina Nonomiya (結名 野々宮): Yuki's aunt. Since Tariq was deported and Yuki's mother died, Yuina was the one taking care of the then-7-year-old Yuki. She is always nice to her niece and fully accepts her as so. She even hid a letter to Yuki from Tariq from Keitaro, knowing her husband would destroy it before she could give it to her.
  • Keitaro Nonomiya (慶太郎 野々宮): Yuki's uncle, and Yuina's husband. Keitaro never accepted his niece as part of the family, mainly because she reminds him of how Tariq's misfortunes unfortunately led to the death of his sister Yoshiko.
  • Salim Al-Maghribī (سالم المغربي): Salim is Yuki's husband. During her time in Morocco during the 2036 Summer Olympics, Yuki fell in love with Salim at first sight and spent nearly all of her time with him during the Olympics. When the Olympics ended, Yuki regretfully and sadly parted ways with Salim, citing that she didn't belong in Morocco. Shortly after Yuki learned she was pregnant, Salim reappeared in her life out of nowhere, saying that if she didn't belong in Morocco, then neither did he. Yuki then married Salim in a double wedding alongside Keiko.
  • Megumi Nonomiya (恵 野々宮): Megumi is Yuki's daughter with Salim. When Megumi was five, she began expressing interest in her mother's dance and began learning from Yuki. Yuki named Megumi in Keiko's honor by taking the first character in Keiko's name


  • Keiko Aizawa (恵子 逢沢): Keiko is Yuki's best friend since Kindergarten.