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Naïve Youth

Wednesday July 19th, 2034;

Kamakura Middle School, Class 3-C.

It was a warm July afternoon, and the thirty students of Class 3-C were just about done with their final exams. Among these youngsters were three of Japan's finest teenage athletes. These three 14-year-old athletes were Hiroki Aizawa, Ryo Aizawa, and Saki Takasugi, and each of them was deeply immersed in the last few sentences of their English Literacy Final.

Just as the three of them put down their last answers, the bell rang to signal the end of the exam.

"Pencils down!" their teacher exclaimed as the bell rang "Pass your exams to the front of the row." Everyone did as instructed and their exams were on the teachers desk in minutes "Alright class, with this you're done with your finals and summer break awaits you. But before we go, does anyone feel like sharing any plans they have for the break?" Hiroki caught Ryo and Saki's eyes and raised his hand up high "Yes, Aizawa-kun?"

Hiroki, tall for a 14-year-old, which was handy for being a keeper on the soccer team, got to his feat and cleared his throat "This August, Saki-chan and I will be representing Japan at the Summer Youth Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden this year. Myself in the boys' soccer tournament, and Saki with the swimming tournament."

Hiroki's announcement was met with applause from the entire class, a few even whistled cries of good luck.

"I was unable to make the cut this year, but I wish my bro and Saki-chan the best of luck." said Ryo once the clapping died down "But before that, later today is the first round of the women's Nationals. It will be at Ajinomoto Stadium and our big sister Keiko, Captain of the Enoshima High School Girl's Soccer Team, will be playing. Don't forget to watch if you have free time."

A few of their classmates let out stuff like "Wouldn't miss it," as Ryo resumed her seat

"Well, good luck in the Youth Olympics, the both of you." their teacher said with a thumbs-up "Anyone else have plans?"

After a few of their classmates made statements about their plans, they were dismissed. The three youngsters hopped on their bikes, Saki riding on the back of Hiroki's, and made their way to Kamakura station. They locked up their bikes to retrieve later, and two train rides later, they were in Tokyo, just minutes before the game was supposed to start.

"C'mon, pick up the pace, you two!" Ryo exclaimed as they ran into the stadium

"We're not as fast as you, Ryo-chan!" Saki replied

"Funny. You could easily outstrip me in a pool."

"This and that are two different things!"

"Let's just find Michiru-san. She should already be here." said Hiroki

And sure enough, they found Michiru Shirayuki, now a 15-year-old Enoshima High first year, right as they entered the stands.

"There you three are! The kickoff's almost here." said Michiru

"Sumimasen." said Hiroki as they took their seats "Who's the opposition?"

"The representative of Hyōgo Prefecture; Sumanoura Girls' High School, from Kobe."

"How good are they?" Saki asked

"I'd say average."

"But they were good enough to get to Nationals." said Ryo

"Leave it, Ryo. What does Michiru know about soccer anyway?" said Hiroki

"Quite a bit actually!" Michiru interjected

"That coming from the girl who quit the swim team just because she wasn't selected for the Kantō Tournament."

From their seats, they saw Keiko doing the coin toss with Sumanoura's Captain. It was Sumanoura's kickoff.

"Noriko-senpai took the ball back in a second!" Ryo exclaimed as Noriko went down the pitch, past three players before passing to Keiko

Instead of keeping the ball, Keiko sent it over the heads of the opposing players, towards the edge of the penalty area

"What's Nee-chan doing?" Hiroki asked "There's no one there to receive... what?! When did that girl...?"

Unnoticed by anyone until the last second, Rikka Togashi had sprinted through the ranks, at the edge of the penalty area to receive Keiko's long feed.

"I didn't even notice she'd gone that far ahead. Who is that girl?" Saki asked

"Rikka Togashi-senpai. A second year." said Michiru as Rikka slipped through the defenders "She was an Olympic-level sprinter in middle school before switching to soccer last year." The three middle schoolers were looking at Michiru as if to say "How did you know that?" "Onii-chan told me."

Turning their attention back to the field, they saw that Rikka was one-on-one with the keeper. Instead of taking her on herself, Rikka heel-passed to Keiko, who had just used Sumanoura's confusion to slip past everyone. The keeper was caught off guard by Keiko's sudden appearance and couldn't react in time. Keiko put the first goal of the game right past her. It was now 1-0 for Enoshima.

"That was great! A perfectly synced assist!" said Ryo

"One more like that and..." said Hiroki

"They won't be using that again." Michiru interrupted

"What do you mean?" Saki asked

"According to Onii-chan, they've been improving a strategy of being 'unpredictable'. Meaning that they don't use the same strategy for each play, preventing the opposing team from getting used to them and... what?!" 

"You really know too much for someone who's not even a member of the club." said Ryo

"Agreed." said Saki

"Leave her alone, they're about to kick it off again." said Hiroki

True to what Michiru said, Enoshima used a different strategy for each play. Sumanoura was so confused they didn't know where to defend, and their own formations just couldn't hold. This same thing continued for the entire hour of the match, though they noticed that, every so often, Enoshima used a strategy that was used before, which only confused Sumanoura further. When the match ended, Enoshima had won 7-0.

"Isn't Nee-chan's team the greatest?!" Hiroki exclaimed when they left the stadium

"To be honest, Keiko-chan's choices of starters and subs last May raised a few eyebrows." said Michiru "Half of them were first years. But given that they've made it this far, no one can complain."

"Well, this tournament is Keiko-onee-san's last chance at the High School National Title." said Saki "Looks like she knew what she was doing."

"Ditto that, Saki-chan." said Ryo

"What do you say we head over to her apartment to congratulate her? Once she and Saito-nii have had time to get back of course." said Hiroki. but when no one answered, he turned around and saw their faces "Uh... girls?"

"I can't. I said I'd meet Hidehiko-kun when the match was over." said Ryo

"I've got volunteer work at Kamakura Central Hospital." said Michiru

"And... my mom wants me home." said Saki, displaying a message from her mom on her smartphone

"Sorry, brother. You're the only one who's free right now. But tell Kei-nee we said congratulations." said Ryo

When they arrived back in Kamakura the four of them went their separate ways, Saki and Ryo kissing Hiroki on the cheek before they left. Saki's kiss made Hiroki's crotch feel tight, to his confusion. Privately, Hiroki thought it was better this way, as he had a few questions for Keiko - questions of which he would be too embarrassed to ask in front of the girls.

After killing some time playing soccer in a park, giving Keiko and Saito more time to get back to their apartment, Hiroki made his way to Sakagami.

"Hiroki-kun! Just you today?" Haruto asked when Hiroki walked in

"Uh-huh. The girls all have prior engagements, so I'm by myself today." Hiroki replied "I wanted to tell my big sister, 'congratulations on the first round of Nationals'."

"She and Saito-kun returned about twenty minutes ago." said Suzuka, who just came out of the women's baths drying her hair

Hiroki bowed respectfully and proceeded upstairs, passing Natsumi and Miyuki on the way. When Hiroki arrived at Room 301, Hiroki knocked before entering.

"Sorry for the intrusion." Hiroki said when he opened the door, but nobody seemed to hear him

"No good. I can't get any ideas." said Saito's voice

"I have an idea." said Keiko's voice "Get up against the wall."

"Eh? Keiko?"

"What are they doing?" Hiroki muttered to himself, closing the door behind him quietly and proceeding to the door separating the kitchen/entrance from the main room. Hiroki opened the door a crack and saw Saito standing with his hands against the wall to support him, and Keiko standing behind him with her hands near Saito's crotch.

"Maybe if you're relieved, you'll get some good ideas for that painting." said Keiko, seemingly adjusting something on Saito's pants

"What are you two doing?" said Hiroki, making himself known. Keiko hastily drew her hands away to shoulder height and looked around

"H-H-H-H-Hiroki?!" Keiko stammered, her face pink "W-w-what are you doing here?!"

"I came to see you. But what were you two doing?"

"N-nothing at all, I was just teasing Saito."

"Teasing me?!" said Saito, and Keiko nudged him in the ribs with her elbow

After calming down a bit, Keiko poured Hiroki and herself some tea while Saito got to work on his painting.

"You should've knocked, you know." said Keiko as she finished pouring tea

"I did, but you two didn't hear me." said Hiroki

"Anyway, you here alone? I thought the girls would be with you."

"Michiru-san had volunteer work, Ryo had a date, and Saki-chan's mom wanted her home." Hiroki explained

"Ryo-chan had a date?" Saito inquired, and Keiko gave him a look prompting him to return to his painting

"So, I came to say 'congratulations on the first round' on my own."

"Arigato." said Keiko "This team's come far, and I intend to take it further still. Maybe the title's not just a dream this year."

"Of course it's not a dream." said Saito

"Thank you~."

"Michiru-san said that your choices raised a few brows. I imagine it wasn't easy." said Hiroki

"You try selecting a team of twenty out of a club a fifty." said Keiko, taking a sip of tea "But enough about me.... What's new with you?" Hiroki tried to delay answering by taking a long drink of tea, but Keiko saw through this. "Hiroki."

"How's your relationship with Saki-chan?" Saito asked

"Saito?!" said Keiko

"There's no change." Hiroki replied "I take her out every so often, but the most we do is talk. And we've been busy preparing for the Youth Olympics next month too."

"Do you even kiss her goodbye afterwards?" Keiko asked

"I do?!"

"On the cheek or the lips?"

"Uh... well... on the cheek. We haven't actually had our first kiss yet."

"You've been going out with her for two years and you haven't properly kissed her yet?!" said Keiko, outraged "What are you? In grade school?!"

"I don't have the courage to do that."

"You're pathetic." said Keiko "You've always been like this, so I'll let it slide for now."

"In that case. There's... well... I wanted to... ask you a few things." said Hiroki

"Ask away, Ototo." said Keiko encouragingly, but Hiroki looked nervously at Saito

"Don't worry, I won't laugh." said Saito "I might actually be able to answer something if Keiko can't."

"Okay." Hiroki replied, still looking a little nervous "Um... this has been bothering me for a while but... do... do boys get periods more frequently than girls do?"

"Huh?" Keiko replied after a pause, clearly confused by what Hiroki asked "What are you talking about? Boys don't get periods. It's strictly a girl thing. Why?"

"Well... um.... You know those things boys have?" Keiko nodded "Mine's been acting weird lately."

Keiko looked simply dumbfounded. She held up a hand to keep Saito quiet before answering Hiroki "You're kidding me right? You're fourteen years old, and you don't even know about your own body?"

"My own body?" Hiroki asked

"You said it's been acting weird. When and how?"

"Occasionally in the mornings, and occasionally when I'm around Saki-chan, or thinking of her, it gets as hard as a rock. And I don't know why."

Keiko put her face in her hands, hardly able to believe what she was hearing. Her own teenage younger brother was lacking basic knowledge of being a teenager.

"Hiroki... do you know about human reproduction? Where babies come from?" Keiko asked him

"They come from the inside of a woman's belly." Hiroki replied

"Do you know how the baby gets in there in the first place?"

"Gets in there?"

"Hiroki-kun... didn't you pay attention in sex-ed?" Saito asked

"Sex-ed?" Hiroki repeated "Oh yeah, we did have those classes in grade school. But I'm sure I slept through all of them.

"You slept through them!? Something that important?!" Keiko exclaimed, outraged "This is beyond pathetic, Hiroki. You're less than a year away from high school and you don't know these things."

"I knew you were a bit naïve, but this is beyond what I thought." said Saito "Do you even know what masturbation is? Or sex?"

"I've heard the words, but I don't know the meanings, exactly." said Hiroki

"Please get out, Saito." said Keiko "Leave us alone for a bit."

"Leave us alone for what?" Hiroki asked

"Hiroki, I'm not sure I'm the right person for this, but someone's gotta tell you. We can't have you finish growing up not knowing these things."

Saito put down his brush and paint and left the room.

"Going somewhere?" Natsumi asked as Saito closed the door behind him

"Just gotta kill time while Keiko gives her little brother 'the talk'." Saito replied

"Then come downstairs with us." said Miyuki "We're gonna have a small pool competition. Suzuka-chan and Akira-kun are joining in as well."

"Count me in."

Saito went down with them to kill time while Keiko and Hiroki "talked". About an hour and a half later, halfway through their third game, Hiroki and Keiko came downstairs, Keiko steering a blushing beet-red Hiroki with a hand on his shoulder.

"Is Hiroki-kun okay?" Natsumi asked

"I just told him everything he needs to know about sexuality. He's gonna need a day or two to recover." said Keiko before addressing Hiroki "Hiroki, m'boy... I know it was a bit overwhelming, but you've got to know." Keiko steered Hiroki toward the entrance and sent him on his way "Give my regards to mom and dad. And make sure you show up at that festival this Saturday." Keiko called after Hiroki as he left

"How'd it go?" Saito asked Keiko when they returned to their room

"From sex, to masturbation, to how reproduction works, I explained it all to him. He seemed more shocked than I was at his obliviousness. For good measure, I showed him a porn video that I came across, to make sure he got the picture. Don't even think about looking it up yourself!"

"You know I won't." said Saito as Keiko got out her phone

"Anyway, I gotta give Chloe a call. When is she gonna get her own place? I'm gonna hate doing this to the poor boy, but he's gotta experience a feeling of it too. No, I'm not gonna ask Chloe to take his virginity."

"I know you won't, but I still wonder if that's a good idea to involve her."

"What do you mean?" Keiko asked Saito, feeling some concern in his voice

"You once told me that Chloe had her eyes only on one guy, right?"

"Yes. She gave him chocolate on Valentine's Day from over a year ago, but she didn't receive anything on the following White Day. Why are you asking?" Keiko asked

"Chloe... and that guy hooked up. As you know, she sometimes stays late at school for extra training. One day, I spotted Chloe taking him inside the girls' locker room. There was nobody else in there. I was curious, and..." said Saito before he paused

"You peeped on them." Keiko frowned

"Well... yes. Chloe was taking the initiative and she was doing it HARD. Anyway, I didn't peep for very long before I walked further away. Then I waited for more than an hour before I saw them walking out of there. Chloe looked fresh as a rose, but the poor guy was barely able to walk although he didn't mind one bit. I have seen him in that condition a few more times since."

"You think Chloe may be too much for Hiroki?"

"I'm concerned that her appetite for sex might be a little too much for him to handle." Saito replied to Keiko's question

"Anyway, I'll tell Chloe that she can do anything for as long as she doesn't cross some lines. After that, you and I need to discuss something for the festival this weekend."

Meanwhile, Hiroki was walking home. His mind all but blank with everything Keiko had just told him.

"How could I have been so oblivious all this time?" Hiroki thought, barely aware of where his feet were taking him "Was my head so full of soccer to take in something so important?"

In what felt like no time at all, Hiroki arrived home again.

"Oh, Hiroki. Welcome home." said Nana when Hiroki walked in the door "Dinner's just about ready, just go upstairs and change."

"Okay." Hiroki replied halfheartedly

"What's with him?" Kakeru asked, but it was Chloe who answered

"I got a call from Keiko a short while ago." said Chloe "Apparently, she was so shocked by Hiroki's obliviousness to the 'physical' aspect of male-female relationships, she finally gave him 'le talk'."

"I told you we should've explained it to him a long time ago." Nana said to Kakeru "He's fourteen years old."

"I know, I know, you were right." Kakeru replied

After dinner, which Ryo returned home halfway through, Hiroki took a bath alone.

"I can barely even look at Chloe-san now." Hiroki muttered to himself as he scrubbed his arms "Ryo's my twin, so I don't really feel anything when I'm near her, but when I look at Chloe-san now... no, no, no! I have Saki-chan, she's-"

At that moment, Chloe, naked with a towel hiding her front, opened the door and came in.

"May I wash your back?" Chloe asked, closing the door, throwing her towel aside, and taking the scrub without waiting for a reply "Your back is so broad." said Chloe as she scrubbed a silent, red-faced, Hiroki "Ryo told me you two were almost identical when you were younger, now you're so different; your faces are now the only things that match." Hiroki was still too embarrassed to talk "Keiko told me she gave you 'le talk' today."

"Hai. She did." Hiroki said at last "Which explained why I've been feeling..." Hiroki said no more

"Then tell me.... What turns you on?" Chloe asked

"N-n-nothing turns-" Chloe dropped the scrub and grabbed Hiroki's ***** with both hands "Huh!"

"Hmmmm? Then why has it gotten this big? It's actually a lot bigger than I'd thought it'd be." Chloe asked "Is it me?"


"Is it Saki?" Hiroki didn't answer that, but Chloe didn't inquire further "Have you ever felt what it's like to ***?"

"Le-let go!"

"Don't worry. Leave everything to me." Chloe then began to gently masturbate Hiroki. Soon enough, Hiroki began to loosen up and fell back against Chloe's chest "Good boy. No need to think. Just enjoy it." After about three minutes, Hiroki began to twitch.

"Chl-Chloe-san.... I feel...."

"Does it feel good? Do you feel like *******?"

"I feel... something... building up." Hiroki gasped

"Do you want to ***? Chloe asked

"I want to... ***." Hiroki admitted

"Hold onto your horses there." Chloe then got her right hand free and used 2 fingers to press a particularly sensitive area behind Hiroki's private parts

"What happened? The build-up... stopped." Hiroki was confused

"I just pressed what we call the Million Dollar Spot. When you press the spot, it reduces the urge to *** before you go over the edge, and so you can last longer."

"What are we going to do now, Chloe-san?"

"We're just getting started. Now lie down on the floor." Chloe then laid her towel on the floor. allowing Hiroki to lie down on it. Then she moved down in a position to squeeze her breasts around Hiroki's *****. Chloe bounced her breasts up and down for a few minutes, stimulating Hiroki's **** further. "For you, that's the physical sensation that comes closest to the real thing."

"Where... did you learn... to do this?" Hiroki asked breathlessly

"I read about it, but I then I learned how to do it on someone."

"A boyfriend?" Hiroki asked

"That's right." Chloe replied "But wait until you see this."

Chloe stopped the mammary contact before she got up and moved her legs in a position to straddle over Hiroki's lap. The teenage boy squirmed, thinking that Chloe wanted to take his virginity right there.

"Wait! We can't do that! You have a boyfriend, and I have Saki."

"Don't worry. I'm just showing you how far you can go without going inside of me."

Chloe grabbed the tip of Hiroki's ***** with her slender hands before she started rubbing it manually. At the same time, she started grinding her crotch against the lower portion of his *****. Aroused by the contact, Chloe started moaning. However, she was muffling her moans to avoid getting too much attention from anyone else in the house. A few minutes in, Hiroki felt something wet coming from between her legs.

"Chloe-san... It's wet." said Hiroki

"That's what happens... when a woman gets... pleasure." Chloe panted.

"What is this called? I mean what you're doing."

"I've heard one of the girls calling this action as 'sumata', Hiroki."

"Sumata... This... is so good, Chloe-san."

"My boyfriend only lasted... 2 minutes when I did that to him... the first time. You have good stamina... for a first experience."

Chloe continued rubbing her crotch energetically against Hiroki's for a little longer. The consistent crotch-to-crotch stimulation was building up their climax quickly. Soon enough, Hiroki was twitching again too.

"It's almost there... Let me ***... please." Hiroki pleaded

"Then go ahead and ***. Moi aussi, je vais jouir! (Me too, I'm gonna ***!)"

Chloe then went a lot faster with the rubbing until she climaxed first. Feeling something wet gushing on his lap, Hiroki couldn't hold it anymore. Hiroki then saw himself climax, making quite a mess on his belly and on Chloe's hands. Neither of them said anything for a minute as they were trying to catch their breaths.

"Wow! Nice one, Hiroki." said Chloe

"That's my..." Hiroki contemplated the size of the mess

"Fin de la leçon. Désolée pour ça. [Lesson's over. Sorry about that.]" Chloe apologized "But you're at that age. You had to know that feeling."

"Did we... Am I no longer a...?" Hiroki asked

"No, you're still a virgin; that's not a real first time. The great news is you just gained some valuable experience under your belt, and you made me *** without actually doing it. But don't think you will see more between us after that though; ça s'arrête là (it ends there)." Chloe replied

"Nee-chan asked you to do that so I would know, didn't she?"

"Don't blame her though. If you were someone else, I would have taken you all for myself. But since you're my best friend's younger brother, I'm respectful of the lines I can't cross." Chloe answered Hiroki's question

"Sorry." Hiroki apologized.

"Just think about what you do next with Saki. It's all that matters now." Chloe replied "Laisse-moi te laver pour finir ton bain (Let me clean you up to finish your bath)."

Then Chloe proceeded to wash Hiroki and herself back in the bathtub. Meanwhile, Hiroki was trying to absorb everything in his thoughts.

Two days later;

Saturday July 22nd;

Due to prearrangement, the Aizawa and Shirayuki Siblings, Yuki, Chloe, and Saki, gathered at Hachiman-guu for the summer festival. It was originally supposed to be held last month, but was canceled due to bad weather.

"I didn't think we'd be coming this year." said Ryo as the party arrived at the shrine

"You thought wrong." said Michiru

"Suzuka and Miki aren't coming this year?" Sanae asked

"They've both got things to do." said Keiko "If the festival had occurred on schedule..."

"Nevertheless, let's have fun!" Koichi exclaimed running ahead

"Don't wander off!" Keiko called after him "That boy doesn't change."

"Oh, détends-toi [loosen up], Keiko." said Chloe "He's not a..." Keiko gave her a stern look "Ce n'est rien. [Never mind.]"

"You two seem awfully quiet." Yuki said to Hiroki and Saki

"Hiroki-kun's the one being quiet! And why are you standing more an a foot away from me?" Saki asked Hiroki

"It's... no reason." Hiroki replied, not meeting Saki's eyes

Everybody split up to enjoy the festival. Chloe, Sanae and Yuki were in one group, Michiru was with Koichi, and Keiko and Saito had disappeared to be alone. This left Hiroki alone with Saki. Due to Hiroki's discomfort with his newly found knowledge, courtesy of Keiko and Chloe, he was keeping a fair distance from Saki. Because they were almost always shoulder to shoulder, Saki was surprised of this. Every time she tried to close the gap between them, Hiroki would put a foot of space between them.

"All right, what gives?!" Saki demanded, sitting down on a bench after they paid for Yakisoba


"Why do you keep running away from me every time I try to get close?"

"It... It's just...."

"Are you so bored with me you don't want to be around me anymore?"

"NO! That's not it at all!" Hiroki said hastily "It's just after Nee-chan lifted my obliviousness to sexuality a few days ago, I don't know how to act around you!"

Surprised, no, shocked at Hiroki's confession, Saki choked on the soba she was eating, and didn't speak again until she had cleared her throat.

"That's (cough...) what you were worried about?" Saki asked

"I was totally oblivious to such things until Nee-chan told me everything the other day. You do know about sex and reproduction too, right?"

Saki blushed and said "O-of course I know about all that! I paid attention in sex-ed and my mother told me all the rest."

Both of them blushed scarlet and finished their Yakisoba without another word.

After the soba, the young couple, whose misunderstanding was cleared, took a stroll in the woods nearby.

"Geez, Hiroki-kun." Saki said irritably "Instead of just bottling it up and feeling embarrassed, you could've talked to me, you know."

"Oh, so you wouldn't have been embarrassed yourself?" Hiroki retorted

"Uh... point taken." Saki admitted "Wait. Isn't that Onee-san's voice?"

The two of the crouched behind a large clump of bushes while Keiko and Saito came into view.

"Over here, Saito." said Keiko

"Why are we hiding?" Hiroki asked in a whisper as they watched Keiko and Saito through the bushes

"Are you sure no one's here?" Saito asked Keiko

"Of course." Keiko replied "I asked a few people at school. Nobody ever comes this way."

Without another word, the two kissed.

"How can they do that without hesitation?" Hiroki whispered

"Because they're not cowards." Saki thought

"Do we even need to watch this?" Hiroki asked "Let's go before they... wait, what's Saito-nii doing?" As the two kissed, Saito slipped the shoulders of Keiko's kimono off her and Keiko pulled her arms out of the sleeves, revealing her naked upper body.

"Wh-what are they doing?" Saki asked as Keiko backed off a bit.

What Keiko did next made both their jaws drop. Keiko slipped her fingers into the fold of her kimono, below her obi, and pulled it apart, revealing that Keiko had been "Going commando". Without a word as to why Keiko was going without panties, Saito knelt down and began licking her. As he did, Keiko, her back against a tree, spread her legs and began fondling one of her breasts. Unable to tear their eyes away from the scene, both Hiroki and Saki were feeling hot and bothered.

"Yo-you-your... your sister is so bold!" said Saki, who was sweating from watching this

"Saki-chan's not kidding!" Hiroki thought "Doing that in a place like this? How bold can Nee-chan get?"

Just then, as Keiko's knees appeared to be getting weak, Saito stood up and pulled the lower folds of his own kimono back, revealing that he was also, "going commando", and erect. Getting one of those "urges" Keiko had told him about, Hiroki reached inside his lower kimono to prepare to stroke his hard-on, then remembering that Saki was right next to him. A quick glance at Saki surprised him: Saki was also preparing to masturbate. Looking at what each other was preparing to do, and in each other's eyes, both came to a wordless, and bold, agreement to masturbate each other. Quickly, Saki got closer to Hiroki, allowing him to reach around her waist and into the open folds of her lower kimono, while Saki pulled out Hiroki's *****. Both then turned their attention back to Keiko and Saito, who had paused for a moment to position themselves better. As Saito finally entered Keiko, Saki and Hiroki began pleasuring one another.

"This is the first time I've seen or felt something like this!" Saki thought, as Hiroki masturbated her, and her stroking him "I'm having my ***** rubbed by Hiroki-kun, and I'm rubbing Hiroki-kun's ****. It's so hard and hot, and it's pulsing! And Hiroki-kun's fingers feel so good."

"Saki-chan is stroking my ****." Hiroki thought "Her hand is so soft, but firm. She's squeezing me! And her ***** is so wet."

Hiroki and Saki kept it up almost in sync with Saito and Keiko, watching as they slowly slid down the tree. Once Keiko was on the ground, Saito began moving faster, as though they were preparing to climax, and Hiroki and Saki sped up as they did, about to climax themselves. Finally, both couples climaxed!

"That... that was intense." Hiroki gasped as he and Saki let go of each other.

"No... kidding." Saki replied. Both of them took a moment to catch their breath and saw that Keiko and Saito hadn't separated yet, but were still embracing

"Nee-chan sure looks happy." said Hiroki

"I'm pretty happy too." said Saki, surprising Hiroki. Hiroki looked at her and saw that she was smiling, almost the same way that Keiko was. "Waddya say, we go get cleaned up?"

the both of them straightened their kimono's and left the area. Unbeknownst to them, Keiko was watching them go with one eye open, apparently aware that they had been watching the whole time "Looks like baby brother's grown up just a little, and maybe they've become a little closer." Keiko thought

After cleaning up in a nearby restroom, which was mercifully empty, the two of them sat down to talk, but neither of them knew what to say. They sat in silence for over ten minutes, contemplating what they just did.

"Was I any good?" both of them asked in sync "Yes, you were." they said in sync again. This little outburst caused them to laugh

"I've never done anything so bold before." said Saki when they stopped laughing

"Me neither." said Hiroki "Normally, I'd be too embarrassed to even attempt what we just did. But something about the look in your eyes put me at ease."

"Same here. It was embarrassing, yet oddly satisfying."

"I know what you mean."

"And... on that note...."


"Would you... like to... try the... real thing?" Saki asked

"Huh? No way, no way, no way!" Hiroki exclaimed "I don't have that kind of confidence yet!"

"Have you always been so gutless?"

"I just can't believe we just did that."

"But I can't believe I finally have the courage to do this." Before Hiroki could ask what she meant, Saki passionately kissed him mouth to mouth. Their first kiss since they became a couple over two years ago. "Please?"

Hiroki finally agreed, and the two of them went into the Men's side of the nearby bathroom. Locking themselves in a stall, the two of them kicked their geta aside and Hiroki, with some reluctance, opened the fold of his kimono and dropped his underwear.

"It's small and soft now." said Saki

"I did just let one out." Hiroki replied

"Sit down." Hiroki did as Saki said and sat on the toilet, adjusting his kimono to keep it out of the bowl, and Saki began to massage his **** to stimulate it "I never knew a soft one could be so squishy."

"Saki-chan... this is..." Hiroki groaned as he felt his **** stiffen "Your hands feel so nice."

Saki's stimulation made it full size again within a minute. Saki was amazed at how quickly her hands made it hard.

"I suppose it's my turn." said Saki. Saki stood up and worked a few muscles in her waist so that her panties fell on their own. After stepping out of them, Saki turned her back to Hiroki, pulled up her kimono, and sat on Hiroki's lap, right on top of his ****. "I know it. Having my parts in contact with yours feels weird."

"It's not too late to turn back, is it?" said Hiroki, almost pleadingly

"NO!" Saki exclaimed, looking back at Hiroki's face with determination "We came this far, but if we chicken out now I won't be able to look you in the face ever again."

Hiroki felt his heart throb even harder as Saki said that and nodded. Saki, still wet from earlier, rubbed herself **** back and forth on Hiroki's **** in preparation. Once her heart was ready, Saki took a condom, which Michiru had slipped to her when they got to the festival, out of her sleeve and prepared to open it. She hesitated in opening it, then decided to toss it aside, as she wanted their first time to be special.

"Don't we need that?"

"This is our first time. It's special, so I wanna feel you directly."

Hiroki nodded again. Saki stood up slightly and positioned the angle of Hiroki's **** to enter her. Saki then gently lowered herself, causing Hiroki's member to slide into her. "It doesn't hurt as much as I thought it would." Saki thought once she was on Hiroki's lap again. looking down, she saw drops of her blood drip into the toilet water; her virginity was now gone.

"Saki-chan... are you alright? Does it hurt?" Hiroki asked, the feeling of Saki's fleshy insides tightly coiling around his ****. "She's so warm, and she's holding me so tightly."

"It stung a bit as it went in... but other than that it feels nice." Saki replied "It still stings a bit. can you rub my tummy?" Hiroki did as asked a gently massaged the area where his member was inside Saki "I think you can move now. Please move.... it doesn't work otherwise."


Hiroki, his hands on Saki's waist, worked his hips so that he was bouncing Saki up and down on his lap. As he did so, he felt his member move inside her, and the feeling was a hundred times better that when Chloe gave him a paizuri.

"I don't believe it." Saki gasped. The feeling of Hiroki's thing moving inside her was so enveloping, she felt like her whole body was on fire "Sex feels so good" Every time Hiroki's **** hit her cervix, it was like a current of electricity numbed her body.

"I feel good too." said Hiroki, the feeling getting better by the second

"Of course you are. If I feel this good, there's no way you aren't feeling good too. Oh, it's going so deep."

Hiroki and Saki kept up the pace for about five minutes before they felt the moment was near.

"Saki-chan... I-I'm gonna..."

"You're gonna ***? Me... Me too. I wanna *** with you. Your **** and my ***** need to be in sync. You can *** inside me. I want you too."

"But if I do that, we might... my sister got briefly pregnant on her first time."

"My period ended last week. I'm safe. Just *** with me, let your feelings out inside me."

"I-I'll do my best."

"But wait. I wanna *** while looking at your face."

Hiroki stopped moving and stood them up. Without taking it out, Hiroki waived one of Saki's legs up and around, making Saki twist his ****, so that she was facing him. Once Hiroki sat down again, he upped up the pace and they both felt the moment come faster. Saki and Hiroki kissed as they both climaxed, much harder than they did earlier.

"I love you." the two of them said at the same time

After they cleaned up, put their underwear back on and straightened their kimonos, they walked out of the bathroom arm-in-arm, still blushing like inexperienced virgins. However, there was someone waiting for them.

"I wanted you grow up a little, but this is more than I intended." said Keiko as they stepped out of the bathroom, stunning them

"Nee-chan/Onee-san!" the two of them exclaimed

"What'er you doing here?" Hiroki asked

"Forget that. I let you two peep at us earlier so that you could get closer through shared embarrassment, but this is more than I wanted."

"You knew we were watching?" Hiroki inquired quiveringly

"I heard your entire session in there too." Keiko told them, making them both blush even harder

"HOW EMBARRASSING!" Saki exclaimed

"(sigh) You two grew up, I suppose that's what counts. But next time, use a condom."

"Yes ma'am." the two of them said together

Hiroki and Saki had just became adults together, and were closer then ever before; but the embarrassment was going to keep it from happening again for awhile. The more embarrassed they are, the closer they become.

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