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Japan vs. France GS

Wednesday July 23rd, Stade de Marrakech

After two days of preparations, Keiko's new team was about to take on their first challenge on the Olympic stage. With the aftermath of the Quake behind them, and with reassurances from loved ones back home, everyone was ready to tackle France.

"Have the girls on the French Team always been that skinny?" Suzuka asked Chloe as she helped Keiko stretch near the bench before the kickoff

"No way." Chloe replied "They've definitely gone with a mostly fresh roster. I only recognize three girls."

"Hé, Chloe! [Hey, Chloe!]" called one of the French girls walking over to them

"Make that four." Chloe turned to the girl who just approached "Que veux-tu, Ouvrard? [What do you want, Ouvrard?]"

"Je ne peux toujours pas croire que tu t'es vendue à un autre pays. On aurait pu dominer le monde du football féminin ensemble. [I still can't believe you sold out to another country. We could've taken on the world of women's football together.]"

"S'il vous plaît. Nous savons tous les deux que tu étais heureuse de me voir partir. [Please. We both know you were happy to see me go.]"

"Peut-être que je l'étais, mais au moins je n'y allais pas fuir en courant vers un autre pays. As-tu oublié ta fierté française? [Maybe I was, but at least I didn't go running to another country. Have you forgotten your French pride?]"

"Je ne peux pas oublier quelque chose que je n'ai jamais eu. Je suis japonaise maintenant. Occupe-toi donc de tes affaires. [Can't forget something I never had. I'm Japanese now. So mind your own business.]"

"(tch) J'espère que tu te feras remettre à ta place. Je vais te montrer comment nous traitons les traîtres. [I hope you get put in. I'll show you how we treat traitors.]"

Ouvrard walked away at that and Chloe stuck out her tongue at her

"Friend of yours?" Keiko inquired

"Jocelyne Ouvrard. We used to play on Les Bleues together, but she was more of a rival than a friend. And judging by that number, I'd say she's a substitute Forward."

"How is she, skill-wise?" asked Nana, who was to be team captain for the tournament

"I'd say she on par with Keiko."

"Which one?" asked Yaegashi, earning her a glare from the Aizawas

"Alright, Lassies, on the pitch!" called Fiona, and numbers 1 though 11 ran out on the field.

Fiona had decided to go with a standard 3-4-3 formation to start. Keeper was Natsu Maruo. The Defenders were Kaori Sengoku, Erika Sata and Ritsu Usa. Midfielders were Noriko Kishitani, Mikoto Tsubaki, Atsuko Miyamoto, and Nana. And Forwards were Keiko Aizawa, Keiko "Arako" Aragaki and Suzuka.

France won the coin toss and was given the kick off. Once they did, the first game of the Olympics was on!

more coming soon....