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Saito & Keiko

Over a week had passed since the game. It was Monday again, and afternoon practice for Keiko and her team was taking place on the school field.

"Alright everyone, practice is over for today." Mai called

"That was exhausting." said Nagisa as they came off the field "How 'bout loosening up every once in a while Tsukasa."

"If I did that, there would be no point to practice." Tsukasa replied as she wiped the sweat off her face with a towel

"The days are getting warmer and warmer." said Keiko "May and Summer's definitely on the way."

"And with it, time to change into our Summer uniforms." said Suzuka as she accepted a water bottle from Saito and took a drink

"That reminds me." said Saito "Keiko-chan, the Summer Festival's in June. Wanna go with me?"

"Where is your hand?" said Keiko, firmly aware that Saito's hand was on her butt

"Oh! Sorry, I..." Saito, babbled as he removed his hand

"Pervert." said Yuzuki

"So anyway, the festival?" Saito asked Keiko again, but she just ignored him and left for the clubroom with everyone else.

Saito sighed and Suzuka, who, along with Miki and Yukari, had held back, put a hand on his shoulder.

"I repeat," said Suzuka "What did you do to make her hate you? The both of you admitted that you're a pervert, but the way she treats you is beyond putting up with it. You must have really done something to her."

"The way she sees it, yes." Saito admitted, sitting on the bench

"What d'you mean by that?" Miki asked

"From her point of view I... (sigh) from her point of view, I tried to take her virginity."

"WHAT!" the three girls yelled in unison

"What is all that supposed to mean?" Yukari asked

"It was about two years ago, right about this time of the year." Saito told them "She was on the Kamakura girls soccer team, of course, and I was on the boys team. Back then we were getting along so well, people kept on asking if we were dating, and I did come close to asking her out several times. We had both stayed late one day after school to practice, but then it started to rain and we were forced to call it a day. We took an alternative route instead of our usual way due to an accident that had occurred that day, but then it started coming down so hard that we were soon soaked. We took refuge in a small Inari shrine we were coincidentally passing. Once inside, Keiko collapsed from cold and exhaustion. Even though she was out cold within seconds, she was shaking like a leaf. Her temperature was starting to go up as well. I didn't want her to catch a cold or a fever, so I decided to warm her up any way I could."

"How did you do that?" Miki asked

"I was going to share my body heat with her." Saito explained "I undressed her and myself, aside for our undergarments, put our clothes aside to dry, and prepared to cover us with a futon that was in the shrine. I was then going to hug her throughout the night to keep her warm with my own heat, even if it meant that I caught a cold in turn. But before I could even grab the futon...."

"She woke up, and when she saw that she was almost naked, she got the wrong idea." Miki concluded

"Exactly. She then smacked me so hard that I was out cold. When I woke up the next morning, Keiko was gone."

"So that's what happened." said Suzuka

"Back then, she knew I was a pervert, but she only put up with it since she seemed to like me, but that night was just too much for her. Over the last two years, I've tried to tell her what really happened, more times than I care to count, but she won't listen to me. Ever since then, she's treated me like I'm the enemy."

"And I can't say I blame her. You hurt her real bad that night." said Suzuka

"You're taking her side?"

"I'm not taking anyone's side, and I'm not saying she's in the right." Suzuka told him, sitting down next to him "What I'm trying to say, is that you really hurt her trust in you that night. She's not going to listen to you unless she has a ironclad reason to trust what you say."

"Well, I'm open to any ideas." Saito told her as Suzuka got up again

"This is not something we can help you with, and we're not going to tell her for you." said Miki "This is something you gotta work out on your own." The three girls walked away toward the clubroom at that point, leaving Saito in deep thoughts

That evening at the Aizawa house;

"Who's your next game against?" Nana asked Keiko over dinner that evening

"Umineko Shougyou High School. Umisho for short." Keiko told her "It's a school here in the Kamakura."

"Ah, yes, I've heard of that school." said Kakeru

"We're going up against them in two weeks." said Keiko

"Why are they making you guys wait that long?" Ryo asked

"Because Umisho's already scheduled to play another school between now and then." Keiko then noticed that Koichi was rubbing his stomach like it was hurting "Koichi, are you okay?"

"I'm fine, Onee-chan. I just ate something funny for lunch today." Koichi told her. Koichi then excused himself and left the table


"He seems okay to me." said Hiroki, and Ryo nodded in approval

"In any case, who's got plans for the coming month?" Nana asked

"Can we go to the Summer Festival, Mama?" Ryo asked

"It's in June, not May. I'm not sure if your father and I can go, but even if we can't, you can still take them, can't you, Keiko?"

"Don't worry, I'll make sure they stay out of trouble." Keiko replied

"Hasn't Saito-kun asked you to go with him?" Ryo asked

"He did, but there's no way I'd go anywhere with that pervert." Keiko told them in a firm, final, sort of way

At school the following day;

"That's all for today's class." said Mai as the final bell rang

"Stand. Bow." said the Class Rep. and the class began to file out

"Those who have after-school activities should report there now." Mai told them "And members of the girls soccer team, we're doing beach soccer today, so go put on your swimwear and report to the usual spot."

"Looks like Saito-kun didn't come to school today." Yuki told Keiko, Miho and Yuzuki "I'm not sure he's coming to practice either."

"Skipping school? That's a first." said Keiko "Who needs him anyway?"

"Should we go look for him before we head for practice?" Miho asked as they made for the clubroom to change

"Nah, he'll show up on his own." said Keiko "We don't need to go looking for that creep."

"She's really prejudiced against that guy, isn't she?" Miho whispered to Yuzuki

Meanwhile, Saito, really having skipped school that day, was taking a stroll around the neighborhood. In a simple passers-by, he found himself outside the Aizawa house, for the eighth time that day.

"How the heck did I end up here again?" Saito asked himself aloud "(sigh) I might as well leave, and go home. Keiko wouldn't like it if she knew I was anywhere near here." He turned to leave, but before he could, he heard a crashing noise from inside the house and went to investigate "Hello?" he called as he walked in the door "Mr. Aizawa? Mrs. Aizawa?" When no one answered, he closed the door, removed his shoes and went into the main room. When he entered, he found Koichi on the floor next to a broken glass of what appeared to be juice, and clutching his stomach in pain "Koichi? Koichi, what's wrong?" Saito asked worryingly, kneeling down next to Koichi and trying to see if he could help

"My... stomach... hurts..." Koichi replied weakly

"Where are your parents?"

"They... went... shopping.... It hurts!"

"And Keiko, Ryo and Hiroki have just gone to practice by now." Saito reached in his pocket for his phone, but then realized he didn't have it. He then noticed the house phone.

At the beach where Keiko and the team were practicing;

"Break time girls." Mai called and everyone settled for the break

"Why can't we practice with the boys every once in a while?" Yuki asked

"Because neither coach wants either team to distracted by our hormones." said Suzuka, which caused a few of the girls to laugh and giggle

"Then again, a coed practice once in a while might not be a bad idea." said Mai "I'll speak to coach Hyodo and see what he thinks."

Keiko's phone then rang

"It's from home." she answered to the questioning faces after seeing the Caller ID "Hello?"

"Keiko-chan!" Saito exclaimed from the other side of the line

"Saito? What are you doing in my house?"

"Never mind that! I think Koichi's in trouble!"

"What do you mean 'Koichi's in trouble'?"

"Is something wrong with Koichi-kun?" Yuki asked and Suzuka said "Sush"

"He was lying on the floor clutching his stomach when I found him. He said it hurts. And he's thrown up twice since I got here. I don't know what to do with him." Saito told her

"I see." Keiko replied "It might be appendicitis. Alright, Saito, listen and do exactly as I say. First, turn him on his side so he doesn't choke on his vomit. Then, after I hang up, call an ambulance, and have them take him to Kamakura Central Hospital. Our family doctor is there, and we've been treated there in the past. I'm gonna head there as well and try to get a hold of my parents. Did you understand all that."

"All of it."

"Saito, I'm counting on you." Keiko then hung up at that point

"What's wrong with Koichi-kun?" Yuki asked with a worried expression

"Who's Koichi?" Nagisa asked with an equally worried face like most of the team

"My youngest brother." Keiko told them as she put on a team jacket over her swimsuit "And I'll find out what's wrong when I see him at the hospital."

"I'll go with you." said Mai, following suit "Suzuka, we're calling it a day early. Take everyone back to the school, and send the rest of the team home."

"Yes, Coach." Suzuka replied as Keiko and Mai took off

On the way, Keiko contacted her parents and siblings and told them what was going on. By the time they arrived at Kamakura Central Hospital, Koichi and Saito had already arrived, and Koichi was in the process of being treated. Kakeru and Nana, along with Hiroki and Ryo, arrived soon after.

"Keiko, Mai-chan, Saito-kun!" Nana said when they found them "What is it? What's wrong with Koichi?"

"We don't know, the doctor hasn't said anything yet, except that treatment requires surgery." Keiko told them

"Kakeru-kun. Nana-chan." said Ayaka Mine coming up to them "I have news on your youngest son."

"How is he? What was the problem?" Nana asked frantically

"Calm down. It was an Ileocecal Intussusception. A kind of intestinal blockage. A section of his intestines got caught in-between a lower section of his bowels. But surgery was a success, and he's going to be just fine. It will return to it's original position when he recovers."

"Thank heaven." said Kakeru as Nana and Ryo dropped to their knees in relief

"You hear, Keiko-chan? He's going to be okay." Saito told her

"He'll have to stay at least a week, but he's expected to make a full recovery." said Ayaka, as Koichi was moved out of the surgery room "He's being moved to his room now. You can fill out the paper work to admit him later, but you can see him now."

They followed Koichi to the room he was going to stay in while he was here. Koichi was still asleep, but no one needed him to be awake, or to use words, to tell him how relieved they were that he was going to be okay.

"It's good to know that your brother's going to be fine." Saito told Keiko as they watched him sleep

"Can we talk outside?" Keiko asked, and Saito followed her out of the room

"I just noticed that your still wearing your swimsuit." Saito said, eyeing Keiko's body through her unzipped jacket

"Yeah, well, I came here straight from practice. I didn't have time to change." Keiko sat down on a bench "The doctor praised you for your quick response."

"Yeah, but if I hadn't called you, I wouldn't have known what to do with him."

"I never knew something like this could be this scary." Keiko said suddenly, her voice starting to crack

"What do you mean?"

"This was the first time," Keiko said, her voice cracking with every word "something bad was happening to one of my siblings, and the rest of the family was too far away to do anything."

"But..." said Saito

"Saito!" Keiko squealed, jumping up and hugging him around the neck. Tears in her eyes "Saito. I was so scared. I was scared, that something bad was going to happen to Koichi. If you hadn't found him, who knows what would've happened by the time we did."

"Do you trust me now?" Saito asked as Keiko released him at last "Can I now tell you my side of what happened that night, two years ago?"

"I suppose I owe you that much." said Keiko, and they both sat down and Keiko listened to Saito's side of the story "I owe you so many apologies." Keiko said when he finished

"Don't worry about it." said Saito as he got up "One more thing. I didn't say this before, because I knew you wouldn't like it, but, that bikini, suits you. You, look really cute, in that bikini."

"Thank you." Keiko replied, blushing slightly from this compliment

"Let's go back inside and see Koichi." Saito said.

"Saito, one more thing."

"Yes?" before Saito could say anything else, Keiko kissed him on the mouth

"My first kiss." Keiko told him when they broke apart "And I think yours as well. You've earned it. Now let's go back inside and see my brother."

As the entered the room, Mai came out.

"Mai-chan? Where you going?" Keiko asked

"I need to discuss something with my own doctor." Mai told them "Excuse me." and she left with out another word, while Saito and Keiko went back into the room. Koichi was awake now.

"Onee-chan!" Koichi exclaimed when he saw her

"Good to see your awake now." Keiko told him, and Koichi then noticed that Saito was there

"Thank you for helping me, Saito-onii-chan." said Koichi

"No problem."

"Saito," Keiko whispered "Your hand." and Saito noticed that his hand had found its way to Keiko's butt again

"Oh." Saito whispered "Sorry I...." he made to remove his hand, but Keiko put a her hand on it to stop it from moving "Keiko-chan?"

"You can... have another minute or two." Keiko whispered, and she allowed Saito to continue rubbing her butt in an affectionate way

Their affection for each other finally realized, the distance they had put between themselves for two years was now gone. From that day on, they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

Two days later;

"Any idea where Kei-nee is?" Ryo asked Hiroki as they took a bath together that night

"Oh, she went out." Hiroki answered

"You mean with Saito-kun?"

"Yes. Those two are a couple now, so I don't think she's coming home tonight."

Hiroki was right, Keiko was not coming home that night. At a Love Hotel some ways away, Keiko and Saito were about to have their first time.

"I can't believe I'm about to do this." Keiko thought as she sat on the bed wearing only a robe, waiting for Saito "It's only been two days since Saito and I started going out. Okay, I was the one who dragged him here... but I can't help being nervous." at that moment, Saito emerged from the shower wearing only a robe and drying his hair. Realizing there was no turning back now, Keiko closed her eyes and gulped

"Nervous?" Saito asked, sitting on the bed with Keiko

"Must you ask, idiot?!" Keiko replied "I'm about to lose my virginity, how can I not be?"

Saito kissed Keiko and said "It's my first time too."

"Please, be gentle with me."

Saito took Keiko in his arms and laid her down on the bed. He then undid the sash of Keiko's robe and parted the folds, revealing Keiko's flawless bare form.

"You're beautiful." Saito said again before kissing Keiko again, both their eyes closed. As Saito kissed her, Keiko felt one of Saito's arms wrap around her, and the other hand massage her breast.

"I never knew his touch was so soft. I feel my nipples already getting hard." Keiko thought, gripping the sheets as Saito broke the kiss and began licking and sucking her other breast "He only just started and I feel like I'm floating on air." Keiko felt the hand groping her breast leave it and move to her crotch "Now his fingers are... it feels... I can't think straight." Saito stopped sucking on Keiko's breast, unwrapped his arm from around Keiko, and lightly kissed random spots on Keiko's stomach, moving lower and lower. "He's going lower. Is he going to...." Keiko gasped loudly as Saito started licking her between her legs. Saito wrapped his hands around Keiko's thighs to keep himself there. "He's doing this on our first time? My head's getting hazy." Keiko kept her eyes closed as Saito did this for more then ten minutes. As he did, Keiko felt something building up somewhere in her lower body. Finally, Saito stopped and Keiko took a quick breather before opening her eyes and seeing what Saito was doing. Saito has thrown his robe away and was kneeling on the bed fully naked. His slightly erect **** was fully exposed.

"So this is a man's..." said Keiko

"It may not look like the biggest, but... that's me." Saito looked a little embarrassed

"No, it looks very good to me." Keiko replied "Let me touch it."

Keiko knelt up on the bed and kissed Saito to give him some confidence. Then Keiko moved one hand to grab Saito's ***** before she started gently stroking it. Shortly after, she moved the other hand to fondle Saito's **** sack. "Your hands... are so soft." Saito gasped when he felt Keiko's soft touch on the most intimate parts of his body.

"Do I have to take it... in my mouth?" Keiko asked

"You don't have to... if you don't feel ready. It's fine." Saito replied

Keiko smilled to Saito's reply. She was happy that Saito still remained considerate of what she wanted even in such a position. Keiko kept on masturbating Saito for a few more minutes, combining twisting and pumping motions with her hand. His **** had grown much bigger and harder in her hand. Finally, Saito's groin area began to twitch.

"Keiko... slow down."

"Almost there?" Keiko asked

"Please, stop... or I'm gonna ***!" Saito begged

Finally, Keiko released Saito from her grasp, letting him sit on the bed. Saito took a few seconds to catch his breath after he came very close to having an early climax. Both lovers then spontaneously laughed at the thought of what just happened.

"That was really close." said Saito

"Was I that good?" Keiko asked

"You went beyond my expectations so far." Saito replied with a smile.

"Looks like it's begging to go for the real thing." Keiko said as she looked down at Saito's ****, still hard and throbbing.

"I'll go on top."

Keiko laid down on her back while Saito moved over Keiko on all fours, his **** just inches away from Keiko's *****.

"Are you ready?" Saito whispered to Keiko

"Come in." Keiko replied

Saito teased Keiko's entrance a bit before guiding it in. Keiko felt Saito's thing expand as it entered her for the first time, and then.... "IT HURTS!" Keiko yelled in her head as she felt her hymen break, the pain surging through her like an electric current "I knew it might hurt, but this..." Saito pushed into Keiko as slowly as he could until he was all the way in.

"That's all the way." said Saito "Are you okay?"

"It hurts... but I'm fine. " Keiko replied

"Is it okay if I move?" Saito asked, and Keiko nodded

Saito began moving back and forth, Keiko feeling every movement. Keiko felt that Saito wasn't wearing a condom, but didn't care. Saito started off slow, but the feeling started getting to him and he started moving faster

"My insides are tingling." Keiko thought, gasping and moaning in sync with Saito's movement. "Don't increase the rhythm so suddenly, stupid." Saito was at it for five minutes before Keiko felt the strange feeling again. "Saito... my *****. Something hot's happening in there."

"Is the pain gone?" Saito asked, still moving

"It's painful, but it feels good too. It feels so hot... like something's filling it in." Keiko replied, as the feeling grew stronger with each thrust "I think... I'm going to... ***."

"Me as well." Saito replied with a slight groan "Is today safe?"

"Hai." Keiko gasped "Make me ***. *** with me."

Saito moved even faster and Keiko let out her loudest moan yet as she and Saito climaxed together. Keiko felt something hot gushing inside her, and Saito collapsed on top of Keiko.

After they both took breaths and calmed down, Keiko took a pill and they both laid in the bed together.

Keiko and Saito glanced at one another, and the look in each others' eyes caused them both to smile. Both of them were happy at becoming one with their "significant other" for the first time in their lives

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