Saito Shirayuki
Kanji Name 才人 白雪
Age 15-16 (TNKitA)
19-20 (TNKitA II)
28 (TNkitA II: Epilogue)
Birthday August 11, 2016
Sign Leo (♌)
Blood Type A
Hair Black
Eyes Hazel
Height 5'6"/170.1cm (TNKitA)
5'8"/174.5cm (TNKitA II)
Family Himeko Nogizaka (maternal grandmother)
Ushio Shirayuki (mother)
Kazuto Shirayuki (father)
Soji Shirayuki (uncle)
Itaru Shirayuki (cousin)
Sanae Shirayuki (older sister)
Michiru Shirayuki (younger sister)
Keiko Aizawa (wife)
Tamaki Shirayuki (son)
Hiroki Aizawa (brother-in-law)
Ryo Aizawa (sister-in-law)
Koichi Aizawa (brother-in-law)
Position Manager (TNKitA)
Hobbies Drawing & Painting
Loves Art
Keiko Aizawa
Hates Kazuto Shirayuki
School Kamakura MS (fmr)
Enoshima HS (TNKitA)
Geidai (TNKitA 2)
Status -TNKitA: High Schooler (1st yr), Manager for the girls' soccer team
-TNKitA II: Geidai student (Soph)
Hometown Kamakura, Kanagawa, Kantō, Japan
Saito Shirayuki is Keiko Aizawa's boyfriend, and later her husband.



Saito, like his sisters, looks like his mother through most physical traits. He has jet black hair that sticks up in every direction like a permanent case of bedhead. However, Saito inherited his father's eye color. He also has an almost scrawny figure that hides how strong he actually is.



When working as a manager during Beach Soccer practices and when at a pool, Saito wears swimming shorts and a Hawaiian shirt.


When Saito was introduced in the story, he first appeared as a ladies man by teasing Keiko. His perverted nature can also be reflected by his tendency to put his hand on a girl's delicate body parts without asking, accidentally or not. Saito gives the impression of being overconfident at times, but deep down he doesn't have much belief in his own abilities.

Despite his flaws, Saito's a very loyal friend and a man of his word. Because Saito loves Keiko, he always respects her decisions and never protests even though the consequences can be harsh for him.


Saito was a promising soccer player before a hip injury in middle school forced him to retire. While no longer able to play soccer, Saito is a talented artist and has spent years perfecting his artistic touch. It's already to the point that his drawings look almost like photographs.

Saito can also speak Italian fluently, thanks to having lived in Italy for several years.

By The Next Knight in the Area II, Saito has learned to drive and has earned his license.



  • Michiru: Saito's younger sister, she is a 4th generation nudist. Perverted in her own way, Michiru is often scolded by Saito when the former says something misplaced. She is aspiring to be an obstetrician and gynecologist like her mother.
  • Sanae: Saito's older sister, she's blind and paraplegic from the waist down, until she went though a surgery that gave her her sight back.
  • Ushio: Saito's mother, she works as an obstetrician and gynecologist at Kamakura Hospital. Ushio sometimes makes him work at the hospital as a way to teach him a sense of responsibility. 
  • Himeko Nogizaka: Grandmother of Saito and his siblings by their mother. She runs an Italian restaurant called Girovagando per Anima (lit. Wandering Soul). 
  • Kazuto: Saito's estranged father. He becomes principal at Enoshima High School before being arrested and sentenced to 10 years for sexual abuse, and illegal use of drugs, on multiple women, including Keiko.
  • Soji: Saito's uncle, he is president for a sports goods firm. Saito took a liking to him despite the non-existent relationship with Kazuto.
  • Itaru: Itaru is Soji's son, and therefore cousin to Saito and his siblings. Despite blood-relation Itaru and Saito weren't introduced until Keiko signed on with his modeling agency, at least two years after first meeting Soji. Despite not knowing each other very well yet, Saito and Itaru grew close, close enough that Itaru was Saito's best man at Saito and Keiko's wedding.


  • Keiko Aizawa: Saito's girlfriend, and later his wife. Saito saved Keiko's life from a hotel fire while he was still in Italy, but never got a good look at her until they met again in middle school. Saito deeply loves Keiko and was captivated by her from the moment he first saw her a few years ago.
  • Romeo Abbatucci: One of Saito's two childhood best friends from his years in Italy. He was the one who introduced Saito to the art world.
  • Juliet Abbatucci: Romeo's younger sister, and Saito's other childhood friend from Italy. She is in love with Saito, making her Keiko's rival. Nevertheless, she took an immediate liking to Keiko and considers her a friend, despite Juliet's bad first impression on her, but the language barrier makes it hard to communicate. She is a devoted Catholic and dreams of becoming the first female Pope of Vatican City, but that doesn't stop her from acting like a typical modern-day teenager. She later enters Enoshima High as a first year in April 2033, and becomes one of the new managers. 
  • Kakeru Aizawa: Keiko's father. Having grown up with an absent father, Saito sees in Kakeru as the father figure he never had. In return, Kakeru approves Saito as his daughter's boyfriend and sees himself in Saito because of similar life experiences as team managers who suffered low self-confidence around the same age.

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