Ryo Aizawa
Kanji Name 涼 逢沢
Age 12-13 (TNKitA)
16 (TNKitA II)
Birthday February 14, 2020
Sign Aquarius (♒)
Blood Type O
Hair Light brown
Eyes Brown
Height 4'11"/151.5cm (TNKitA)
5'4"/162.7cm (TNKitA II)
Measurements Bust: 84cm/33.07"(D-cup)
Waist: 59cm/23.23"
Hips: 78cm/30.71"
Family Kakeru Aizawa (father)
Nana Aizawa (mother)
Suguru Aizawa (uncle)†
Mito Aizawa (aunt)
Keiko Aizawa (older sister)
Hiroki Aizawa (twin brother)
Koichi Aizawa (younger brother)
Yusha Murasaki (younger half-brother)
Soichi Awashima (husband)
Saito Shirayuki (brother-in-law)
Tamaki Shirayuki (nephew)
Saki Takasugi (sister-in-law)
Sakae Kajikawa (sister-in-law)
Aoi Aizawa (nephew)
Position Forward
Jersey Number 11
Hobbies Soccer
Loves Soccer
School Kamakura ES (fmr)
Kamakura MS (TNKitA)
Enoshima HS (TNKitA II)
Status -TNKitA: Middle Schooler (1st yr), Player for Kamakura Middle girls team
-TNKitA II: High Schooler (2nd yr), Player for Enoshima girls team, Player for Nadeshiko Japan
Hometown Kamakura, Kanagawa, Kantō, Japan
Ryo Aizawa is the twin of Hiroki Aizawa and the third child, and youngest daughter, of Kakeru and Nana.



Ryo resembles her mother, Nana, greatly with her facial features and light brown hair. She is also extremely well-endowed for her age, being roughly the same bust size as Keiko despite being three years younger.


During Spring and Summer, Ryo often wears a white spaghetti strap tank top and a blue mini-skirt. During winter she often wears a tight brown sweater and black jeans.


Just like Hiroki and Koichi, Ryo is very supportive of their older sister. Ryo is very attached to Keiko and sees her as a role model. However, that strong bond with her older sister also makes things more difficult when Keiko later decides to live independently outside of the family house. Although Ryo is usually a calm person, there are moments when she can be outspoken when something really upsets her.

Like her older sister, Ryo can be very serious and competitive when it comes to soccer. Sometimes, she would cry and keep asking if she could have done a better job as a forward whenever her teams is eliminated.


Despite not being a prodigy either, Ryo shows good all-around abilities by marking opponents tightly, using her small stature to get past the opposition's players easily, scoring goals against and making accurate passes to teammates against older opponents.

In time she improves and is soon welcomed onto Nadeshiko Japan by her first year of High School, participating alongside Keiko and her mother in the Algarve Cup and the 2036 Summer Olympics.



  • Kakeru: As Ryo's father, she has a close relation to him.
  • Nana: As Ryo's mother, she is just as close to her as she is to Kakeru.
  • Mito: Ryo and her siblings' aunt. She regularly visits them, as she lives close by.
  • Keiko: Keiko is Ryo's older sister. She calls her Kei-nee.
  • Hiroki: Hiroki is Ryo's older twin brother, born five minutes before she was.
  • Koichi: Koichi is Ryo's younger brother and sibling, born three years after she was. He calls her Onee-Chan.
  • Soichi Awashima: Soichi is Ryo's boyfriend and later husband. Ryo first approached him upon finding out Soichi also had troubles with the opposite sex. Since liberating him of his abusive step-sister, Ryo has been Soichi's source of emotional comfort.


  • Saki Takasugi: Ryo's sister-in-law via marrage to Hiroki. The two of them get along fairly well, and Ryo often gives Saki advice on how to get closer to Hiroki.
  • Michiru Shirayuki: Ryo's upperclassman, and one of her closest friends via their older siblings relationship. the two of them often work together to get their siblings hooked up better.
  • Hikaru Natsume: One of Ryo's best friends since elementary school.
  • Rika Arima: One of Ryo's best friends since elementary school.


Evasion & Marking

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