Mother Knight Heart




Hahaoya Kishi Shinzō


Sports, Romance, Drama, School Life, Ecchi, Slice of Life, Coming of Age, Friendship, Realistic Fiction



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It's been years since Kakeru and Nana finally got together, but their story is over. Now, it's time for their children to star in their own story.


Just as Keiko Aizawa was feeling down on herself, a cruel twist of fate forces history to repeat itself in a bizarre way.

Nana is killed in a freak murder during a bank robbery, giving her life trying to protect Keiko. Regardless, Keiko's heart is rendered beyond medical repair from the same incident and is left clinging to life. What saves her life is a mother-to-daughter heart transplant.

The perp is soon apprehended, convicted of voluntary manslaughter, and sent to jail, but the lives of the Aizawas are forever changed.

After briefly falling into depression after losing her mother, Keiko learns that she carries Nana's heart and experiences her last feelings.

Recovering herself, Keiko is filled with new resolve as she follows the path of soccer.


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  1. The Next Generation Begins
  2. (Title TBD...)
  3. (Title TBD...)
  4. (Title TBD...)
  5. (Title TBD...)
  6. Further Chapters TBD

Notes & Trivia

  • The story and title was partially inspired by the manga/anime series by Tsukasa Hojo, Angel Heart, a parallel universe spin-off of the manga/anime series City Hunter.
  • This story is a complete reboot of the Next Knight in the Area series, with its own continuity and a new story.
    • The story starts the day before Keiko is born, roughly nine months after 2018 FIFA World Cup. It then fast forwards thirteen years to 2032, when the Keiko of this version is 13-years-old and a second year in middle school. The rest of the story takes place mostly in 2034, when the Keiko of this version is 15-years-old and a first year in high school.
      • This is based on the idea that she was conceived right after Japan was eliminated in the Round of 16 stage of the Knockout Tournament.
    • Sakae Kajikawa returns in this story, but she has been deaged to Koichi's age.