Keiko Aizawa
Kanji Name 恵子 逢沢
Nickname Female Samurai of Kanagawa
Age 15-16 (TNKitA)
19 (TNKitA II)
28 (TNkitA II: Epilogue)
Birthday February 10, 2017
Sign Aquarius (♒)
Blood Type O
Hair Dark brown
Eyes Brown
Height 5'3"/161.7cm (TNKitA)
5'4"/163.0cm (TNKitA II)
Measurements Bust: 85cm/33.46"(E-cup)
Waist: 58cm/22.05"
Hips: 79cm/31.1"
Family Kakeru Aizawa (father)
Nana Aizawa (mother)
Suguru Aizawa (uncle)†
Mito Aizawa (aunt)
Hiroki Aizawa (brother)
Ryo Aizawa (sister)
Koichi Aizawa (brother)
Yusha Murasaki (younger half-brother)
Saito Shirayuki (husband)
Tamaki Shirayuki (son)
Soichi Awashima (brother-in-law)
Saki Takasugi (sister-in-law)
Sakae Kajikawa (sister-in-law)
Aoi Aizawa (nephew)
Position Forward/Striker
Jersey Number 11 (MS)
7 (HS)
9 (NJ)
Favorite Food Oden
Fried Rice
Hobbies Soccer
Loves Soccer
Her family
Saito Shirayuki
Hates Losing
Being pressured
Being compared to her parents
School Kamakura ES (fmr)
Kamakura MS (fmr)
Enoshima HS (TNKitA)
Nittaidai (TNKitA II)
Status -TNKitA: High Schooler (1st yr), Player for school Team, Sub-capt of school team (from Dec.), Player for Nadeshiko Japan
-TNKitA II: College Student, Nittaidai FY member, Women's Olympic Soccer team member, Gravure idol
Hometown Kamakura, Kanagawa, Kantō, Japan

Keiko Aizawa is the eldest daughter, and child, of Kakeru and Nana.



Keiko looks like a female version of Kakeru. While well-endowed, she has her mother's slender body and her father's facial features. Her hair, which is the same color and style as her father's, was waist-length for most of her teenage life until she cut it short upon entering college. She also has brown eyes like both her parents.


Day and Nightwear

She has civilian clothes and nightwear for both halves of the year;

Autumn, Winter, and Early-Spring

During her high school years, she usual wear consisted of a tight black turtle-neck sweater and blue jeans. She also wore (usually for exercising) a red hoodie with red sweatpants.

During college (coming soon....)

Her nightwear for these seasons are a pajama shirt and bottoms with pockets.

Late-Spring and Summer

During High school, she wore a short white tube-top with jorts (she sometimes wears her hair up with this attire). She also wears a red spaghetti strap tank-top with Denim skirt.

During college, Keiko usually wore a medium white tube-top with unattached sleeves along with a black miniskirt and full length stockings.

She has two sets of nightwear for these seasons; one is sleeveless baby-doll nightgown. The other is a white T-shirt with Girl Boxers.

During summer, due to the unique warmness of the 2030's, she sometimes would go braless or would wear an strapless one.


She wears red and blue soccer shoes everyday. Like her father, she always wears them so that they're broken in, and only changes the studs for matches. When she decides not to wear them she will usually use a pair of open-toe Kitten heels. During the cold seasons, outside of practice or when there's snow on the ground, she'll switch to a pair of knee-high go-go boots.

During the warm half of the year (late-spring to early-fall) she only wears socks as part of her school uniform. Otherwise she goes barefoot around the house and beneath her shoes.


Keiko wears a gold opera necklace with a marble-like soccer ball pendant, which she never takes off, even during a game. She even wears it to bed. It was a gift from her father for her fifth birthday and she's worn it ever since.

Keiko also wears a ring with a Amethyst (her birthstone) on her left ring-finger. It was a gift from her boyfriend (call it a pre-engagement ring). Later that ring is moved to her middle finger for an official engagement ring.


When doing Beach Soccer with her team, she wears an light-orange bikini with a large Tiger lily (Keiko's favorite flower) on the left breast. When at a pool or water park she wears a orange strapless Bandeau, again with a Tiger lily flower-pattern.


Keiko loves soccer as much as her parents do, but was not totally confident with her abilities early on. Over time, she gained confidence to the point that she no longer worried about her performance. She is usually calm and abrasive, but is not very good at hiding how she truly feels, making her a very terrible liar. She can also be extremely stubborn, and rarely changes her mind once it's made up. Whenever she's upset or depressed, she usually retreats to a bath or shower.

When it comes to soccer, though Keiko loves the sport, she can be very serious and competitive about it, and can sometimes forget about having fun. Also, because people always tell her that she's just like Kakeru, she tries to live up to other people's hopes and expectations, even at the cost of her own health. However, she doesn't like being under pressure to live up to her parents' reputations, and really hates being compared to either of them.

Keiko loves her siblings, and is really the "big sister type". As the eldest of four, she's responsible and caring, not to mention protective. She always sticks up for them, and helps them when they need it. She's also willing to go to great lengths to protect them, even if it means jeopardizing her career as a soccer player.

Despite her career as a soccer player, Keiko hates being the center of attention. Even after she went Pro, she still prefers not to stand out. Regardless, she eventually took on a side-career as a Gravure idol to be financially independent.

She doesn't normally use honorifics when addressing people, usually her peers, but occasionally uses them just to be polite, or if someone is significantly older than she is. She also rarely ever addresses peers by their surnames.

Despite all her perks, she has one real flaw: She's not open with others with her problems. Keiko does whatever she can to help her friends and family, but when she's in trouble she shuts it all in and refuses aid. Keiko has had this issue her whole life and doesn't know why.

In The Next Knight in the Area II, it is revealed that Keiko has a very weak tolerance to alcohol, thus she gets drunk very quickly if she drinks anything alcoholic.


Keiko isn't a prodigy, but she is acknowledged as one of the best female players in the Kanagawa Prefecture, and in her hometown of Kamakura. Being taught how to play soccer since she was little, along with her own natural talent, she is capable of scoring goals with almost apparent ease. She also inherited the natural instinct, that a Forward needs to have, from her father. She can also pull off Kakeru's "Phi Trick", and Nana's "Witch Turn", flawlessly. She is also, thanks to her light build, very fast, and can blow right past an opponent if given a chance.

As for the things she can't do; she's a bad cook and can't make anything without burning it. Keiko can't swim either, even though she owns a swimsuit. She's never been able to swim and avoids going into deep water.

Keiko is an excellent student, and mostly gets good grades. However, she is terrible with foreign languages, and can barely speak, let alone read or write, English. She improves with time, to the point she can speak a bit of French, but her accent still requires work.

By The Next Knight in the Area II, Keiko has learned to drive and earned her license, but it still without her own car.



  • Kakeru: As Keiko's father, she has a close relation to him. Kakeru, along with Nana, taught Keiko and her siblings to play soccer when they were just children.
  • Nana: As Keiko's mother, she is just as close to her as she is to Kakeru.
  • Mito: Keiko and her siblings' aunt. She regularly visits them, as she lives close by.
  • Hiroki: Hiroki is Keiko's eldest younger brother, born three years after she was, and is Ryo's twin. He calls her Nee-Chan.
  • Ryo: Ryo is Keiko's younger sister, born three years after she was, and is Hiroki's twin. She calls her Kei-Nee, and the two of them share a room. She owns a cat named Shiro.
  • Koichi: Koichi is Keiko's youngest brother and sibling, born six years after she was. He calls her Onee-Chan.


  • Yuki Nonomiya (雪 野々宮): Keiko's best friend since Kindergarten. Half Arab half Japanese, born under the name Aziza Sharafi (عزيزة شرفي) to a Syrian father and a Japanese mother, and is a fluent Arabic speaker. Her name was legally changed to her mother's maiden name, and a given name of her choice, when her parents separated. Yuki is always looking out for Keiko and provides her a source of comfort and a shoulder to cry on when she needs it. Yuki knows a lot of things about Keiko that most people can't even guess, and is happy to keep Keiko's secrets and her silence. Yuki does have a bit of a big mouth, but will never betray Keiko's trust or confidence. Yuki is in love with Saito too, but puts her feelings aside knowing that Saito only has eyes for Keiko.
  • Saito Shirayuki (才人 白雪): Keiko's boyfriend, and later her husband. The two have known each other since their first year in middle school, but didn't get together until high school due to an incident in their second year. Saito is also a pervert, but Keiko puts up with it. Keiko loves Saito with all her heart, but, for a long time, was too stubborn to admit it, to the point that she tried to convince herself that she hated him. Saito is the middle of three children with two sisters; his older sister is named Sanae, who's blind and paraplegic from the waist down, and his younger one is named Michiru, who's a 4th generation nudist.
  • Suzuka Akitsuki (涼風 秋月): A third year, and Keiko's captain, on the Enoshima Girls Soccer Team. She is Forward like Keiko, and is Keiko's main partner in the Penalty Area. She speaks the most foreign languages out of anyone on the team, speaking Japanese, English, French, Spanish and German on a conversational level.
  • Kaname Kobayakawa (要 小早川): A second year, and Keiko's first "boyfriend". One year older then Keiko, she first met him in her first year of middle school. Kaname confessed to her that same summer, and she accepted, but he had to move to Germany with his younger sister Midori shortly after. On the way, the plane crashed and both were believed to be dead. Kaname and Midori returned to Japan as high school students, alive and well, in Keiko's first year (Kaname as a second year, and Midori as a first year), much to the shock of their old friends, who never knew they had survived. His return sent Keiko's heart into turmoil, causing her to break up with Saito for a brief period. Despite Kaname's renewed advances toward her, he holds no place in Keiko's heart anymore, and has resolved to give up on her, realizing that she isn't "the one".



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