Hiroki Aizawa
Kanji Name 宏樹 逢沢
Age 12-13 (TNKitA)
16 (TNKitA II)
Birthday February 14, 2020
Sign Aquarius (♒)
Blood Type O
Hair Light brown
Eyes Brown
Height 5'3"/161.1cm (TNKitA)
6'1"/186.3cm (TNKitA II)
Family Kakeru Aizawa (father)
Nana Aizawa (mother)
Suguru Aizawa (uncle)†
Mito Aizawa (aunt)
Keiko Aizawa (older sister)
Ryo Aizawa (twin sister)
Koichi Aizawa (younger brother)
Yusha Murasaki (younger half-brother)
Saki Takasugu (wife)
Saito Shirayuki (brother-in-law)
Tamaki Shirayuki (nephew)
Soichi Awashima (brother-in-law)
Sakae Kajikawa (sister-in-law)
Aoi Aizawa (nephew)
Position Goalkeeper
Jersey Number 1
Hobbies Soccer
Loves Soccer
Saki Takasugi
Hates losing
School Kamakura ES (fmr)
Kamakura MS (TNKitA)
Enoshima HS (TNKitA 2)
Status -TNKitA: Middle Schooler (1st yr), Player for Kamakura Middle boys team, Player for U-13 National Team
-TNKitA II: High Schooler (2nd yr), Player for Enoshima boys team, Player for U-17 Men's National Team
Hometown Kamakura, Kanagawa, Kantō, Japan
Hiroki Aizawa is the twin of Ryo Aizawa and the second child, and eldest son, of Kakeru and Nana.



Like his twin sister, Ryo, Hiroki resembles his mother greatly with his facial features and light brown hair, but he looks like a male version of her with short hair. He's also significantly taller than most Japanese boys of his age. Hiroki also has broad shoulders and a broad back, both adding to his stocky frame.


When at home, Hiroki wears a red T-shirt and blue shorts during spring and summer, and a green and brown stripped shirt with blue jeans in fall and winter. He wears pajamas as his nightwear. At school, he wears Kamakura Middle School's male uniform which consists of grey trousers, a white shirt, a red necktie and a blue vest.


Just like Ryo and Koichi, Hiroki is very supportive of their older sister. He's always quick to cheer Keiko up whenever the latter is depressed. When he attends a match involving Keiko, Hiroki usually is very vocal as a fan. However, he's a very shy person and acts nervously when he stands near his long-time crush Saki, when he sees girls with stunning looks in revealing outfits or when he's getting teased.


For his position as a Goalkeeper, Hiroki is considered to be a prodigy for his young age. His excellent eyesight, space perception and positioning are his best assets as those allow him to make spectacular saves look easy. Hiroki is also is known for his patience as he never falls for feints from opposition players. Furthermore, Hiroki has good ball control with his feet, a solid first pass to start his team's counterattack, and excellent running speed which helps him getting to the ball before opposition players do. In his own end of the pitch, Hiroki can almost be compared to a sweeper when the situation calls for it.

Hiroki, like the rest of his family, also has a strong left kick. This skill allows him to give his teammates long feeds all the way to the other side of the pitch, allowing them to score without much opposition.



  • Kakeru: As Hiroki's father, he has a close relation to him.
  • Nana: As Hiroki's mother, hhe is just as close to her as he is to Kakeru.
  • Mito: Hiroki and her siblings' aunt. She regularly visits them, as she lives close by.
  • Keiko: Keiko is Hiroki's older sister. He calls her Nee-Chan.
  • Ryo: Ryo is Hiroki's younger twin sister, born five minutes after he was. She owns a cat named Shiro.
  • Koichi: Koichi is Hiroki's younger brother and sibling, born three years after he was. He calls him Onii-Chan.


  • Saki Takasugi: Saki is Hiroki's girlfriend and later his wife. He's had a crush on her since 4th grade.



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